Terms of Use

Here Mimin tries to create good and quality content in order to prevent unwanted things for users and other services, Mimin EXPRESSLY prohibits what Mimin is prohibited from and Mimin has the RIGHT to TURN OFF and REMOVE INCOME earned if you BREAK THE RULES!. Mimin has the right to change the Terms of Use, delete/deactivate an account for any reason, delete income for any reason, Mimin has the right to delete short urls for whatever reason, Mimin has the right to delay payments, Mimin has the right to cancel any payment if violated, Mimin has the right to lower or increase the rate for any reason, and Mimin has the right to send messages or others via registered email and Mimin is not responsible for incorrect account numbers or payment info. Mimin has a system to read if a user violates the rules

After registering you have agreed to the Terms of Use.

Following are the Terms of Use:

  1. Pornographic, adult, or vulgar
  2. content Violent
  3. content Hacking/cracking content
  4. Malware (malware)
  5. gambling
  6. content copyrighted
  7. content Fraudulent content/ phishing
  8. Email
  9. Other url shortener service sites/safelink and urls related to Adlinki.com (except no ads)
  10. Faucet Site

Even though it is not written that any activity that can harm Mimin or fellow members is considered a violation.


To prevent unwanted things from happening again, Mimin will take action against users by way of fines or reducing the balance and deactivating the account. The following are the penalties for users who violate:


For now Mimin only accepts balance withdrawals via Bank transfer (only for Indonesian members), All operator credit (only for Indonesian members), and Paypal (All countries).

You will receive payment 3 – 7 Days after requesting withdrawal! In certain months, Mimin changes the withdrawal process every 21-25.

Withdrawal info must be filled in and valid! Mimin is not responsible if there is an error caused by the user himself.

Rate Dollar to IDR is 14000 IDR/1$

Withdrawal fee via Bank is IDR. 3000

Thank you for using Mimin's service, good luck with your sustenance, Keep it up!! Happy Earnings!